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California Develops Largest Solar Thermal Plant, Hawaii Begins 5-Megawatt Solar Project

The first large-scale solar thermal energy plant in 20 years is being built in California’s Mojave Desert. After careful research on the effects the plant would have on wildlife, compared to how much energy it would produce, California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger officially broke ground on the solar thermal plant. Combined with other solar thermal energy initiatives in California, these projects are expected to produce as much energy as many nuclear power plants.

Hawaii’s largest solar energy project received its very own ground-blessing ceremony this week. While the project (5-megwatts in size) is typically smaller than most large projects, it’s a giant leap towards Hawaii’s goal of having 70% of its power supplied by renewable energy by 2030. The project is a solar thermal system built for the start-up company, Sopogy.

Both the Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Florida are installing solar panels in a wide-reaching effort to go green. Florida Power and Light is working to extend solar power outreach in order to improve the environment and educate children and families on the power of solar energy. Thomas Edison is famous for exclaiming, “I’d put money on the sun and solar energy.” It’s no wonder Florida is following suit.