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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Solar Powered Air Conditioner Developed, NJ Solar Plant Creating Jobs

The Tucson Airport Authority has recently signed a lease with Tucson Electric Power. The 20-year agreement will reserve a portion … Read More...

$450 Million Solar Project Approved, Top Solar States Named

NRG Solar, a subsidiary of the electricity company, NRG recently announced its plan for a $450 million, 250-megawatt solar project. … Read More...

Philadelphia Eagles Install Solar Panels, Chicago Art Institute Goes Solar

The Philadelphia Eagles are doing their part to make this year one of the stadium’s greenest. In what Jeffrey Lurie, … Read More...

Annual Solar Energy Focus to Take Place, Michigan School Gets Solar Plant

The Annual Solar Energy Focus will take place in Maryland on November 12, 2010 this year. The event is a … Read More...

New Windows Become Solar Generators, Singapore Opens $2.5 Billion Solar Plant

A new material is being developed by the U.S. Department of Energy that could turn your windows into solar generators. … Read More...