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Annual Solar Energy Focus to Take Place, Michigan School Gets Solar Plant

The Annual Solar Energy Focus will take place in Maryland on November 12, 2010 this year. The event is a trade show that exhibits and explores all things solar energy. Industry experts typically come together during this event and discuss goings on and recent developments in the solar energy industry over the last year. Tax credits and statewide incentives will be at the top of the discussion list, as will the ability for solar companies to prominently display their products and expertise.

Students at the William D. Ford Career Technical Center in Westland, Michigan will get a first hand look at wind turbines and solar energy panels this year. The school has begun to build their very own solar energy plant that features over $100,000 in wind turbines and solar panels. The alternative energies park has come about through a grant from the Michigan Public Service Commission. Students will be able to take advantage of a hands-on learning experience as they discover the benefits of alternative energy.

Slashed subsidies for photovoltaic systems will unfortunately increase the amount of money consumers will pay for residential solar panel systems. While many subsidies were once footing the majority of the bill for residents, the Climate Change Department has changed regulations that will drastically increase solar energy costs for consumers. It’s important for consumers to become educated regarding all solar energy changes so they may utilize state incentives and federal tax credits that will aid in the cost of purchasing and installing solar energy systems.