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Philadelphia Eagles Install Solar Panels, Chicago Art Institute Goes Solar

The Philadelphia Eagles are doing their part to make this year one of the stadium’s greenest. In what Jeffrey Lurie, Eagles owner calls a, “vital step towards energy independence,” the stadium will begin efforts to install solar panels and wind turbines. The environmentally friendly project should be completed by next September.

Solar energy grants promote renewable forms of energy, and energy independence. They also create thousands of jobs in the solar industry. However, it seems Congress is reluctant to extend the Renewable Energy Grant Program, which will run out at the end of this year. The grant supports solar energy systems throughout 42 states, and is responsible for producing 20,000 jobs. Rhone Resch of the Solar Energy Industries Association, and Edward Frenster, CEO of SunRun (Mass.) have gone before Congress as a means of convincing lawmakers of the importance of renewing this grant.

The Art Institute in Chicago is known for the two regal lion statues located at the front of the building. Each holiday season, each lion is adorned with a lighted wreath. This year, the holiday wreaths will be powered by solar energy. You can look forward to seeing these “green” wreaths the day after Thanksgiving.

Headway was made in a Missouri lawsuit attempting to amend utility-funded solar rebates. The lawsuit was filed against The Empire District Electric Company that allegedly thought it was exempt from providing residents with solar rebates, because in 2008, their renewable energy level exceeded 15%. Two residents who requested rebates on their solar energy systems, but were denied filed the lawsuit. The Missouri judge dismissed the case, calling it premature and explaining that only the Public Service Commission can properly mandate the rebates from The Empire District Electric Co.