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$450 Million Solar Project Approved, Top Solar States Named

NRG Solar, a subsidiary of the electricity company, NRG recently announced its plan for a $450 million, 250-megawatt solar project. The project is one of the company’s largest and most ambitious projects, and will be developed over the next three years. While the company SunPower will develop the project, NRG hopes to become the owner of the solar power plant. Construction of the power plant will begin in the later part of 2011 in San Luis Obispo County, and will be called the California Valley Solar Ranch. NRG has a history of solar power ambitions including a 21-megawatt solar project last year, and a plan to build three California solar plants equaling 45-megawatts.

In other groundbreaking solar news, a massive 48-megawatt solar plant has been completed in Nevada. Sempra Generation, of Sempra Energy is responsible for the photovoltaic solar plant located in Boulder City. The power generated from this plant, as well as from the adjacent El Dorado plant will be sold to Pacific Gas & Electric.

The top states for solar power potential have been announced, and the results may surprise you. The study was based on high cost of eletricity, low cost of solar installation, and the potential for solar growth. Hawaii was granted the number 1 spot in the list, with New Mexico and Colorado in a close second and third, respectively. Other winners included Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. To read more about solar energy state incentives please visit our interactive state map.

George Washington Carver Elementary School in Great Mills, Maryland will hold a groundbreaking ceremony on December 13 to begin solar power installation. 2,200 photovoltaic panels are being installed in the first year of the school’s project and should generated up to 80% of the total power used by the school. The project is the school’s step towards a greener environment for its students, as well as a way to educate the elementary attendees on the importance of utilizing renewable forms of energy. The project was made possible through a $500,000 grant from the Maryland Energy Administration.