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Mumbai Increases Solar Investment, Solar Growth Expected to Continue

Mumbai – The powerful solar power company, Azure Power India plans on boosting it’s solar energy generation by 100 megawatts. The boost in generation is equivalent to an investment of $332 million. The solar powerhouse, Azure invests and finances many valuable and high scale solar energy projects around the globe. As part of the National Solar Mission, India homes to generate 20 gigawatts of solar generated power by the year 2022.

Shanghai, China – A Chinese solar energy company called Trina Solar, Ltd plans to invest a staggering $800 million into solar power research and factory expansion. This investment will largely affect a solar power facility located in Changzhou, just outside of Shanghai. The company is known for using technology developed from research performed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in order to boost the development of solar power implementation.

Boston, MassachusettsMassachusetts’ efforts to improve the use of renewable energy is paying off. It seems the state has had 33.3 megawatts of solar systems installed in the past several years. Governor Deval Patrick hopes to have an ambitious 250 megawatts installed statewide by 2017. Gov. Patrick continues to encourage the use of solar energy residentially and commercial in order to utilize clean energy and to promote solar powered businesses that build and install solar energy systems.

United States – Good news for solar energy! According to data analyzed at the Solar Power International gathering the solar power industry has grown in 2010, and is expected to continue growth in 2011. Tax credits, government grants, and renewable energy credits have all resulted in lowered prices on solar energy systems, and growth of solar energy system installation. These policies will continue to positively affect the solar power industry for the next three years. In fact, the average cost of a photovoltaic system has decreased by more than half! This is great news for those who have already installed PV systems, or are considering a solar power investment in the near future.

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