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Oregon Makes Solar More Affordable, Museum Gets First Rooftop Solar Installation

New Jersey – One of the United State’s most well known solar companies, Solar Power, Inc has just announced its contract to design and construct a massive 5-megawatt solar system for White Rose, Inc in New Jersey. White Rose and Solar Power, Inc are partaking in one of the biggest solar power projects in the nation, and the solar power system will be installed at the White Rose Food building, a central hub for distributing food and other merchandise to many supermarket chains.

Oregon – Solar energy systems just became a lot more affordable for Oregon residents. Many solar installation companies are leasing solar panel options for residents that will serve to eliminate upfront costs. With the new leasing system in place, Oregon homeowners and businesses will be able to make monthly payments on their solar systems, making solar installation a reality for many residents and business owners. Solar power is growing rapidly throughout the state, and with new pricing options the trend will continue to increase.

California – Newly inaugurated Governor of California, Edmund G Brown Jr. has vowed to increase solar panel installation throughout the state. In his inaugural speech to the citizens of California, Brown explained his goal of having 20,000 megawatts of renewable energy working for the state by the year 2020. The Governor plans on meeting with business leaders, solar experts and energy companies to make this goal a reality.

Arizona – The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona just completed its rooftop solar panel installation project. The solar project, completed by the solar company, Lumeta, is the first commercial solar rooftop project completed in the United States.