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Marines Using Solar in Afghanistan, Solar Powered Roads could be in our Future

United States – While California and Arizona, two of America’s sunniest states, are making headlines in regards to solar powered efforts, it takes more than sunshine to make solar power work. Government initiatives, rebates, and other incentives help make solar power mainstream. According to this interactive map regarding solar power’s most powerful states, New Jersey and New York are right up there with Florida and California. The reason? Government incentives help make solar power affordable, allowing investing in solar technology to become a reality for many residents.

Berlin – On Wednesday, powerful solar power production companies finally agreed to cut solar subsidies. The cuts, which will equal up to 15% will help balance out rising costs associated with a recent solar energy boom. It seems photovoltaic systems are so popular in Germany that the costs of solar systems had reached an all time high. Thankfully, lower subsidies will mean more affordable solar powered possibilities for residents in Germany.

United States – The United States government and General Electric are working with engineer, Scott Brusaw to develop solar powered roads. Winter weather, snow, and ice can be dangerous for residents, and costly for many cities. Solar powered roads would help warm up roadways and keep snow and ice from accumulating on them. While no deal has been reached regarding this revolutionary idea, the federal government is taking strides to investigate the possibilities.

AfghanistanMarines are testing solar technology in hot and sunny Afghanistan to power military equipment. Marines of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment have been able to cut diesel consumption and require fewer supplies. Plus, generators running on solar power are typically quieter, and thusly safer. While many sectors are skeptical about the impact solar power can have on the military, the benefits may be enough to make solar power a permanent part of the armed forces.