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Monthly Archives: February 2011

20th Century Fox gets Solar, Ohio Solar Grants Running out of Money

20th Century Fox Studios is about to get a whole lot brighter! Solar Power, Inc. just finished installing a 160-kilowatt … Read More...

Solar Jobs Increase in California, Solar Cell Technology Increases Efficiency

Solar Junction, an innovative solar power company has announced production on a highly efficient solar cell. The new technology concentrates … Read More...

Congresswoman supports NJ solar power, Italy still solar power house

Rochester, NY – This week, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter revealed negotiations to bring a large solar company to Kodak’s Eastman Business … Read More...

Coal Country Adopts Solar, Florida Customers can turn Solar into Cash

United States – Solar power shares for various solar companies rose this week. First Solar, a company that manufactures photovoltaic … Read More...