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Congresswoman supports NJ solar power, Italy still solar power house

Rochester, NY – This week, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter revealed negotiations to bring a large solar company to Kodak’s Eastman Business Park. The result would be more environmentally friendly job opportunities for residents. Slaughter and New Jersey’s Natcore Technology, Inc. will work together to bring the manufacturer of flexible solar cells to the area. The company’s products work to reduce the cost of manufacturing solar panels. The Kodak Business Park has housed leading chemical, film and coating companies, all which would benefit from photovoltaic solar systems.

Italy – Suntech Power Holdings Co Ltd, a solar powerhouse has announced it will supply photovoltaic panels to Italian organization, Enerpoint. The company will install most of the panels, which equal up to 115 megawatts, in 2011 and 2012. The power conversion should produce enough to power 60,000 families in Italy. Italy’s solar market has been making headlines in Europe for years, especially lately after legislation produced major incentives benefitting the country through 2013. Italy continues to be one of the leaders in solar energy production and investment.

Tennessee – Property owners all over the state of Tennessee are getting paid for the solar power their homes and businesses are producing. Tennessee Valley Authority, as well as several local power companies are granting over 400 property owners credit for the excess power their systems are producing. Carly and Ed Wansing of Ashland City save their excess power credits (up to $100) and use them in the summer and winter, when heating and cooling costs rise the most. This is great news for Tennessee residents looking to lower energy costs.

Illinois – In recent solar power innovations, the company Epir Technologies, Inc has claimed it produced solar cells on glass that can turn light into power with the utmost efficiency. The technology can apparently generate an efficiency rate of 15.2%. The company also develops thin-film solar cells, which are a more affordable alternative to traditional silicon-based cells.