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Solar Jobs Increase in California, Solar Cell Technology Increases Efficiency

Solar Junction, an innovative solar power company has announced production on a highly efficient solar cell. The new technology concentrates photovoltaic solar collectors using mirrors and lenses. Concentrated photovoltaic solar collectors (CPV) will be used in deserts and other areas where sunlight is abundant; the cells will be used on systems 50 megawatts or smaller.

How’s this for a bright idea? Advanced Technology and Research Corporation, based out of Columba, is developing a state of the art Solar Pole Tracker that will use GPS technology to follow the sun throughout the sky. These devices will be attached to solar panels so they can move WITH the sun and absorb more sunlight for power. This technology will be most useful in expansive areas like parking lots, shopping malls and train stations.

The Green Energy Initiative Project at Rochester International Airport is officially completed. The project included installing a photovoltaic solar power system on the terminal building in order to produce power for the airport. The project installed roughly 50,000 watts of solar panels and is expected to save over $600,000 in costs for the airport yearly. The project is also built for future expansion and savings, which would be passed on to Rochester travelers.

California is the third largest solar power market in the world, and most of that business occurs in Middle and Southern California. Yet, Northern California is about to see a major increase in solar power job availability. According to an analysis from the Solar Tech Workforce Innovation Collaborative, Northern California can look forward to expanding job availability in solar manufacturing, business development, and operations. Solar power is great for the environment, and can save residents and businesses money on energy costs; solar power can also create jobs and boost the American economy.