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Toshiba Gets Solar, Mobile Solar Unit Becoming Popular

A popular technology company is investing in solar energy. Toshiba Corporation, based in Japan has agreed to purchase 48 megawatts of solar panels from the powerful solar company, SunPower Corp. The panels will be delivered throughout this year, and will be offered to customers through Toshiba’s residential solar business starting in April.

The Iowa Policy Project is working in conjunction with other environmental groups in the state to promote renewable energy. The IPP conducted a study that shows solar energy can create thousands of jobs in Iowa. Specifically, the study suggests that increasing the state’s solar energy initiative to 300 megawatts, 5,000 jobs would be created. IPP executive, David Osterberg is urging the state of Iowa to get solar projects started in order to promote renewable energy, and to increase jobs throughout the state. Osterberg’s plan includes a $10 million pool to help residents pay for solar panels.

Purdue University’s top researchers are developing an ultrafast laser that makes solar cells not only more affordable, but more efficient too. Traditional “scribing” methods of converting sunlight to electricity are slower and produce an imperfect channel for the electrical current to be converted. The new technology will increase efficiency because the laser will pulse incredibly fast, making a clean and efficient “microchannel” that will transform sunlight into electric currents faster than ever.

A Mobile Solar Unit is being developed in Japan. The unit, which is handheld and easy to transport, can produce up to 40W of power. The unit can be used after natural disasters, for outdoor sporting, or for construction. Check out this video to see the Mobile Solar Unit in action!

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