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Solar Energy Affected by Tragedy in Japan, Marine Corp Launches Largest Solar Project to Date

In light of the terrible tragedies resulting from natural disasters in Japan, there is hopefully news. A major nuclear power plant has caused serious radiation concerns for much of Japan (and the rest of the world), which has investors leaning towards solar energy support. Several solar company stocks (SunPower Corp, Canadian Solar, Inc, Suntech Power Holdings Co,) rose both Monday and Tuesday. This is a telling trend considering most stocks are tumbling as investors become uneasy regarding Japan’s economic state.

Japan’s solar energy production amounts to about 10 percent of the world’s overall production. Because of this statistic, experts believe that solar power production and manufacturing companies outside of Japan will benefit most from these recent trends. While SolarPros, LLC hopes for a speedy and safe recovery for Japan, its people, and its economy we are hopeful for the increased support of solar energy throughout the world.

This week the United State Marine Corps unveiled their largest solar effort to date. The 1.4-megawatt system was installed on top of an inactive landfill outside San Diego, California. The groundbreaking system is expected to produce 2,400 hours of electricity annually, which is enough to power roughly 400 homes in the US. The project has cost the Marine Corp $9.4 million dollars, but will save the Corp an anticipated $336,000 each year while increasing the Marine Corp’s solar capacity by three times. The powerful Japanese company, Kyocera Solar, Inc is responsible for producing the solar energy system that will aid the Department of Defense in their effort to produce 25 percent of their energy needs through renewable energy by 2025.

Two businesses in Arizona have adopted solar energy as a way of cutting energy costs and minimizing their carbon footprint. Brooklyn Pizza and Skyline Bar installed two massive solar panels in their parking lot, which double as covered parking spaces for patrons. Antigone Books installed a standard photovoltaic solar system in their business that began producing energy this week. Both businesses are located on 4th Avenue in downtown Phoenix.