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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Kiva Offers Green Loans, MIT Expands Solar Research

Kiva, a micro-lending company, has expanded their outreach to include Green Loans. Kiva Green Loans are now available to entrepreneurs … Read More...

Solar Panels Increase Home Value

Good news, solar investors! A recent study conducted by the University of California at Berkley has shown that solar panels … Read More...

Ioxus Gets Funding for Ultracapacitors, University of Michigan Discovers New Way to Produce Solar Energy

Ioxus, a clean technology company based in New York, recently raised a whopping $21 million for their state of the … Read More...

Google Invests in Clean Energy, GE Manufacturers Solar Panels

Google is investing in several clean energy projects all over the world. The first project is an ambitious plan to … Read More...

Solar Energy Becomes Mainstream, Solarball Creates Clean Water Using the Sun

InTech has recently described solar power as a mainstream source of energy for many businesses. As solar technology improves, it … Read More...