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Solar Energy Becomes Mainstream, Solarball Creates Clean Water Using the Sun

InTech has recently described solar power as a mainstream source of energy for many businesses. As solar technology improves, it becomes an greater source of alternative energy for many industrial plants. For manufacturing plants, energy is one of the highest costs endured. However, by utilizing solar power technology to their advantage, many industrial companies are able to lower costs and increase profits. Because solar power is one of the few energy-generating options that do not emit pollutants, companies are also able to reduce their carbon footprint. As American businesses continue to strive for growth in a challenging economy, this is optimistic news for our industrial plants, as well as for the growth of solar power.

Indiana is embarking on the largest solar energy project seen in the state. On April 29, 2011 over 6,000 solar panels will create over 2 megawatts of power on top of a federal office building. The result will be enough energy to power 1,000 homes. Central Indiana is taking advantage of current federal tax incentives and subsidies to help supplement the project, and Indiana Power and Light Co. has received multiple proposals from investors and developers interested in using these incentives for their own solar projects in the future.

It seems that solar power is set for even more growth, and this trend occurred long before the devastating disaster in Japan. According to the President of the Solar Energy Industries Association, solar power is the fastest growing industry in the world, and is currently growing faster than the telecommunications industry. More residents, businesses, and large corporations are realizing that solar energy is not just great for the environment; it’s a viable way to cut costs in our lives. Solar rocks!

New technology allows a “Solarball” to clean water using energy from the sun. Heat from the sun creates condensation in the Solarball, and users are able to drink the clean, healthy condensation. Check out this incredible solar energy invention in the video below.