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Ioxus Gets Funding for Ultracapacitors, University of Michigan Discovers New Way to Produce Solar Energy

Ioxus, a clean technology company based in New York, recently raised a whopping $21 million for their state of the art ultracapacitors. The ultracapacitors are used to charge and operate wind turbines, hybrid vehicles, LED lighting, and other electronics used to power cleaner technologies. Ioxus CEO, Mark McGough explained that the funds would be used to develop and produce more efficient ultracapacitors that will be able to store more energy and generate more power.

CNNMoney.com just released an article revealing the 100 best money moves consumers and companies can make. Numbers 77-79? Invest in green energy! The article explains that after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, and the oil conflict continuing in the Middle East, companies that produce cleaner, alternative energy will experience incredible growth. CNNMoney.com recommends investing in solar energy firms, as well as other types of green energy companies like Market Vectors Global Alternative Energy and PowerShowers WilderHill Clean Energy.

As if that weren’t enough of an indication of the growth and increasing value of clean energy, MoneyTree has reported that clean technology investments have reached $1 billion. This sector consists of alternative energy, pollution, recycling and conservation initiatives, all of which saw a 26 percent increase in generated dollars this quarter. This is on top of the optimistic 87 percent increase seen in clean technology during last year.

In a groundbreaking discovery, researchers at the University of Michigan have discovered a way to generate solar power without semi-conductors. Because light has electric and magnetic properties, scientists believed that light could be conducted by producing electricity without a magnetic force. However, researchers have found that by not conducting electricity, light can be generated with much stronger properties than previously expected. Scientists plan on developing this discovery during research trials this summer. This is incredible news for the solar power industry, as scientists work towards finding better and more efficient ways to produce solar energy and bring the power of solar to every home affordably and conveniently.