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Monthly Archives: June 2011

California Signs New Energy Bill, Inkjet Printers May Produce Solar Energy Cells

Inkjet printers are being researched for their ability to produce solar cells. At Oregon State University, engineers are researching how … Read More...

Solar Funding Grows in US

Solar Funding Expansion in the US Solar energy technology is improving and the cost of investing in solar energy is … Read More...

Solar Energy Growing in US, Fossil Fuel Company Invests in Alternative Energy

The solar energy industry in the United States continues to see growth, as it is one of the fastest growing … Read More...

Obama Administration Supports Solar Energy, Google Continues to Invest in Solar

The Obama administration continues to support clean energy. In a recent decision, $250 million in federal loans will become available … Read More...

Solar Energy Going Mainstream, First Solar Powered Laptop Developed

Solar energy is a great way to use natural resources to power our lives, and cut down on expensive energy … Read More...