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Solar Energy Going Mainstream, First Solar Powered Laptop Developed

Solar energy is a great way to use natural resources to power our lives, and cut down on expensive energy costs. Because of this, solar power is quickly approaching a more mainstream status. Several companies have tangible statistics quantifying the fact that their products are bringing solar energy to the masses. For example, Lighting Science Group reported that in 2011’s first quarter they sold a whopping 1 million LED lights. This statistic showcases that LED lights, which are more durable and energy efficient, are becoming a realistic product for consumers to purchase. Additionally, the startup company, Flisom broke an energy conversion efficiency record with their thin-film solar cells that can produce more electricity for less cost. This is great news for the mainstream consumer looking to invest in solar power.

In another piece of exciting solar news, the first solar powered laptop is being conceptualized. The Luce Solar Panel Powered PC, designed by Andrew Ponti would run on two solar panels that would continuously power the computer. The device still need to be tested for commercial viability, but it is a promising breakthrough in the field of solar power.

Belgium just got a whole lot greener with solar power project on a high-speed train. The train, which runs from Paris to Amsterdam, has a solar powered tunnel over it that holds 16,000 solar panels. The electricity produced by these panels is estimated at enough energy to power all the trains in Belgium for an entire year. See the train in action in this video:

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