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California Signs New Energy Bill, Inkjet Printers May Produce Solar Energy Cells

Inkjet printers are being researched for their ability to produce solar cells. At Oregon State University, engineers are researching how the common office accessory can produce solar energy cells more affordably and efficiently. Inkjet printers allow solar energy cells to be produced with less wasted material than if chemical compounds were used. During their research, engineers were able to print the chemical compound, chalcopyrite using an inkjet printer in order to produce a solar cell with a conversion efficiency of five percent. Engineers at Oregon State hope to continue their research to produce solar cells with an efficiency rate of as much as 12 percent in the near future.

The state of California recently signed an influential tax incentive bill for solar energy. The bill will aid the state in recruiting thousands of jobs related to green energy. Under the new legislation, solar power systems sold in California will be eligible for sale-leaseback tax exemption. The law also clarifies the property tax exclusion legislation that gives exemption for solar power improvements. In other words, residents and businesses will not be responsible for increased property taxes should their solar energy investments increase the value of their property. Only when there is a change in property ownership will the homeowner be responsible for increased property taxes.

The west coast isn’t the only US region investing in large-scale solar energy projects. Recently, a Florida located solar developer has announced intentions to create the world’s largest solar project. National Solar Power plans to build a massive 400-megawatt solar energy project in the Southeast. Locations being considered for this project include Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. The project will require 20, 200-acre plots that will generate 20 megawatts each. The land for this project is still being considered, as requirements are stringent and include the need for community and business support, access to a reasonable work force, and viable tax incentives. If successful, the project will be up and running within six months of construction.