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AT&T Installs Energy Servers, Solar Company Expands into Maryland

AT&T has recently decided to install 7.5 megawatts of Bloom Energy servers at their properties in California. Bloom Energy sells fuel cells in California, where federal and state incentives are at their all-time peak. The fuel cells convert natural gas into electricity at greater levels of efficiency, and the servers at the AT&T facilities should be operational by 2012. The deal between AT&T and Bloom Energy is most likely the second largest deal for the fuel cell company.

Intersolar North America just kicked off their biggest solar energy exhibition and conference yet. The conference, held in California, provides an opportunity for solar vendors and other professionals to exchange ideas and business information to improve the US solar market. Intersolar North America undoubtedly brings leading edge ideas and breakthrough solar technology to the forefront, where likeminded solar professionals can boost the solar market. 22,000 visitors from over 62 countries plan to attend the conference with over 800 solar exhibits, making the event one of the largest of its kind.

Maryland has recently come to the foreground as a solar-friendly state, as evidenced by the recent expansion of SunRun, a solar panel leasing company, into the state. The expansion is a telltale sign that the demand for solar energy in Maryland is great, and the market for renewable energy is growing. SunRun leases solar panels to residents for use in their homes, and provides the option to purchase the solar panels once the lease is up. The panels leased by SunRun power each home directly, taking the residence off the power grid and saving thousands on overall energy bills. The expansion of SunRun into Maryland is an optimistic indicator of the state of solar energy throughout the US.