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Leading Solar Company Expands, New Initiatives Make Solar Power a Possibility

One of the leaders in solar panel manufacturing increased its production this week. Suntech, a leading innovator in solar panel technology is offering two new solar products. The two new solar panel products will deliver higher output of energy as well as reduced cost for consumers. Competing with major solar contenders like SunPower, Suntech is differentiating their products from the rest of the solar crowd. This is good news for the solar market in the US, which is still on its way to becoming a contender in the race for the world’s largest solar market.

Two new initiatives are aiming to broaden the solar market across the US. One Block Off the Grid is expanding solar purchasing benefits to 23 states in order to make solar power more affordable for consumers. One Block Off The Grid also created an online tool that allows users to calculate the costs of investing in solar power in order to write to local lawmakers to persuade further incentives that make solar power investments affordable. Additionally, the effort Solar@Work is getting off the ground to make it easier for businesses to invest in solar power. Solar@Work leverages collective buying power, like the use of Groupon.com to lower the cost of solar energy systems. Both initiatives are based in San Francisco, California and are striving to allow residents and businesses to see the potential of solar energy while making investing in renewable energy feasible.

Solar panels provide energy for homes all over the world, but they can also save money on cooling bills during hot summer months. The University of California at San Diego recently conducted a study that showed solar panels insulate homes and effectively trap cool air inside during the summer. The result is a lowered energy bill because residents can lower their air conditioners and still cool their homes. In fact, residents with solar panels may see as much as a 5% discount on their summer energy bills. Solar panels soak up the sun’s energy during the day, and are now proven to keep things cool inside your home.