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Solar Installations on the Rise, Nissan to Use Solar Power in Charging Stations

According to a recent study conducted by the Solar Energy Industries Association, solar panel installations are up a whopping 66% for the first quarter of 2011. The current price of solar panels has significantly decreased, which has allowed residents and businesses to invest in money saving solar technology, while promoting an earth friendly form of energy production. Experts from the Solar Energy Industries Association are confident that the United States will lead the solar energy market by the year 2014. With incentives like zero-down financing options and government granted tax breaks, it’s easy to see why so many US citizens are taking the leap towards solar energy.

The pro-solar company, One Block Off the Grid (1BOG) is continuing plans to take shared buying power to the solar energy market. Promoting Groupon-esque coupons for solar panel installations will allow residents to rake in massive savings on solar investments, and should promote solar power throughout the US. CEO of 1BOG explains that his company is developing and promoting an online tool that will bring consumers in the same area together in order to organize group savings. While these programs are more popular in states with better incentives for investing in solar energy (CA, NJ), the savings will hopefully be spread to other states.

Nissan has unveiled plans to reuse retired batteries from the company’s electric cars to power charging stations using solar energy. Batteries power the Leaf, Nissan’s answer to the electric car. When those batteries need to be replaced Nissan plans to use the old batteries in charging stations that will utilize solar energy to charge Leafs all over the country. By using old batteries to power these charging stations, Nissan can create a car that truly emits zero emissions.