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What if there was no sun?

Top 8 Things that would suck if there was no Sun.

Most Americans are slathering on the sunscreen and complaining about how hot it is this summer. Yet, how many of us will stop to think, “what if there was no Sun?” Beyond placing us in eternal night, there are many consequences to losing the Sun’s energy. Here are just a few things that could happen if the sun was to cease to exist:

#1 The planets in our solar system seamlessly orbit around the sun because of its gravitational pull. Take away the sun, and you take away that pull. The result? Earth, and all the planets in our solar system would float into space.

#2 Without the energy from the sun, plants would have no source of energy and would not be able to perform photosynthesis. No energy means no plants, which mean no oxygen for humans and all other animals to breathe.

#3 Humans need natural Vitamin D from the sun to live. Without natural Vitamin D we could all become severely depressed, and would be unable to properly absorb calcium. This would result in humans suffering from bone loss and a host of other ailments.

#4 As we orbit around the sun, we experience different seasons due to how far or close we are to the sun. The closer we get to the sun is when we experience summer seasons. When we are furthest away from the sun is when we experience winter. If there is no sun, then there are no seasons. Growers would have no crops and summer barbecues would be a lot less…summery.

#5 No days. If there were no sun to brighten our days we’d have no biological clock telling us that it is time to sleep, or wake up for work. Our internal time clock would be completely thrown off, bringing the term Nightwalkers a whole new meaning.

#6 The sun is a critical part of how our weather system works, because the sun’s energy manipulates the water cycles of our planet. Without the sun there would be virtually no changes in the weather, and things would be dark, dreary, and dry.

#7 If you like wearing a parka all day long, then having no sun would be great for you. Without the sun’s warmth the Earth would be a frigid place to live. Temperatures would remain below freezing all day and all night.

#8 Solar power, and other forms of renewable energy would be nonexistent. Solar power relies on the power of the sun, and without it we’d be reliant on coal and other expensive, non-renewable forms of energy to power our lives.

This summer, while you’re complaining about global warming and guzzling water at the beach, think about what our world would be like without the 864,948-mile wide star that is the center of our solar system. That glorious star, burning at a temperature of 9,941 degrees Fahrenheit is responsible for sustaining life on Earth. Have you thanked your sun today?