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World’s First Eco-City

Tianjin Eco-City

In a push towards becoming a leader in environmentally friendly innovation, China is currently developing one of the world’s first eco-friendly cities. Plans for Tianjin Eco-City began in 2008, and the city is expected to be operational in 2020. Surbana Urban Planning Group designed Tianjin Eco-City with the hope that it will become a functional and realistic sustainable community. The city will be located between Singapore and Tianjin.

Here are a few things Tianjin Eco-City will offer its residents in the way of green and sustainable living:

The eco-city will have an advanced light rail system that will make up to 90% of the city’s transit.

A sun powered, “solarscape” divided into seven districts each featuring different landscapes: Lifescape, Eco-Valley, Urbanscape, Windscape, and Solarscape, as well as Earthscape and Eco-Corridors so residents can choose where they would like to live.

  • Tiajin Eco-City will take full advantage of wind and solar power, as well as rainwater recycling and wastewater treatment.
  • The city will be built around existing wetlands to preserve eco-harmony.
  • The buildings in Tianjin Eco-City will be erected in accordance with green standards to maintain and promote an environmentally conscious mindset.
  • The new environmentally friendly city won’t just be for the rich. To promote social harmony throughout, Tianjin Eco-City will provide subsidized public housing for residents of all income levels.

Tianjin Eco-City will be able to accommodate roughly 350,000 residents. Recently, the Joint Steering Council Meeting met on July 27th to review water treatment guidelines as outlined by both Singapore and Tianjin. This innovative and ambitious project will be one to watch over the next several years.

For more information visit http://www.tianjinecocity.gov.sg/

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