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7th Grader Develops PV Solar System, Oregon Unveils Large Solar Project

Logitech has begun marketing its first wireless solar keyboard exclusively for Mac users. The keyboard is only Mac compatible, and exhibits the sleek trademark Mac design with silver frame and white keys. This solar powered keyboard will allow users to type on a larger keyboard in and outside of the office with no batteries. The keyboard is scheduled to be released this month.

In one of Oregon’s largest solar projects to date, the Oregon University System has recently cut the ribbon on a 27-acre photovoltaic solar system. The project will utilize 20,000 solar panels spread across three campuses, including The Oregon Institute of Technology, which is now home to over 10,000 panels. This is good news for the solar market in Oregon, after the state cut its commercial renewable energy tax credit by 99 percent, resulting in a decline in solar energy projects.

Tapping into breakthrough technology, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. is currently developing solar cells that can be applied like paint to buildings, automobiles, and other places where energy can be stored. The new spray-on technology makes applying solar cells faster and easier, turning almost anything into a solar energy-capturing machine. While the conversion rate is not as efficient as traditional solar energy panels (spray-on solar cells convert at a rate of about 10.1 percent) the convenience of applying them anywhere gives way to new solar energy possibilities.

A 7th grader has recently developed an efficient model for arranging solar panels. Aidan Dwyer has replicated patterns found in oak trees and other flora into a state of the art photovoltaic system. Because oak trees use a natural design to make the most efficient use of sunlight, Dwyer has applied this to a PV system that won him the 2011 Young Naturalist Award from New York’s American Museum of Natural History.



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