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Solar Power to Help People

Solar power is great for lowering our dependence on foreign oil, and creating an affordable way to lower energy costs while doing something beneficial for the environment. While the world is creating new technology to take advantage of renewable forms of energy, solar power is also being put to humanitarian use. All over the world, people are discovering new ways solar power can help communities better the lives of their inhabitants.

Refugee camps in Tanzania are being transformed into schools and health care facilities for residents. As part of a long-term plan to create sustainable improvements for all Tanzanians, many of these facilities are using solar energy to power them.

In Port au Prince, Haiti a unique organization is using solar power to improve conditions for many impoverished people. If Pigs Could Fly is a volunteer organization led by anthropologist, Randy Mont-Reynaud. One revolutionary improvement is the importation of a solar-powered water pump. Other communities utilize similar water pumps, but the ones installed by If Pigs Could Fly utilize custom parts built in Port au Prince to hold the solar panels.

In Manila, Philippines, plastic bottles are no longer seen as trash. Where residents once lived in shanties with no electricity, used plastic bottles are being filled with bleached water and hung from ceilings to refract the sun’s rays. These “Solar Bottle Bulbs,” produce an ample 55-watts of light for residents who can now enjoy an illuminated home and/or work environment. My Shelter Foundation, and Mr. Illac Diaz brought the revolutionary improvement to Manila.

Solar power is used in many homes as a way to power lives cheaply and efficiently. Yet, solar power has brought hope to many impoverished areas, and has improved the overall well being of less fortunate countries around the world. Solar power is limitless; how will you use solar?

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