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The Arizona Project is a Revolution in Solar Power Production

In a massive plan to boost solar power production throughout the Southwest, Enviromission is working towards building one of the world’s tallest structures whose sole purpose would be to produce solar energy.

Utilizing the notion that, “heat rises,” the over 2,500 foot tall tower would easily become one of the tallest buildings in the world. The tower would produce enough energy to power a staggering 150,000 homes and will produce renewable power without the need for maintenance, cleaning, or financing. Roger Davy, the CEO of EnviroMission explains how the tower works in great detail.

When the sun beats down on the Earth, it warms the air. That air naturally wants to rise. The tower would capture the warm air, and would utilize turbines at the base of the structure to generate electricity to be used in homes and businesses.

The tower is expected to be built on desert land in an isolate region in Arizona, where daytime temperatures rise to around 104 F. The higher the altitude, the lower the temperature drops. Because the tower will be built so high, the massive temperature differential from the top to the bottom will allow the structure to suck up more hot air and generate more energy. This notion of temperature differential will also allow the tower to work in all weather conditions.

Additional benefits of this type of tower include:

  • The ability to produce power at night, because the ground will remain warm.
  • No maintenance.
  • No coal, uranium or other power (other than the sun) to operate.
  • No pollution. In fact, because a greenhouse effect is created the land has been found to be excellent for vegetation.

The Arizona Project, as it is now being referred to, is undergoing land acquisition and engineering requirements. The tower will cost roughly $750 million to build, but is expected to pay for itself in about 11 years. The Southern California Public Power Authority has already signed a power purchase agreement for 30 years. In other words, all solar systems are a go!

For more detailed information, watch this exciting YouTube video where EnviroMission CEO, Roger Davy discusses The Arizona Project.