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New Federally Funded Solar Companies, Solar Decathlon Underway this Month

The federal government is continuing its support of solar energy by announcing financial backing of two solar companies. 1366 Technologies, based in Massachusetts will receive a $150 million loan guarantee to continue the production of their silicon wafers used to create solar cells. The well-known company, SolarCity, an installer of rooftop solar systems will be receiving a $344 million loan guarantee from the federal government as well. Both loan guarantees are part of a plan to push environmental consciousness, reduce dependence on foreign oil, and create American jobs.

Intel is unleashing a host of new products in time for the holiday season. A new smartphone, tablet, and a line of new PCS are being fine-tuned as its company continues its relationship with Google, a long-time supporter of solar energy. One of Intel’s most exciting products includes a Pentium chip that will run on solar power. Intel, as a collective, understands the need to use less power as well as the consumer’s desire to take advantage of renewable forms of energy.

The fifth annual Solar Decathlon will be underway September 23, 2011. The event, held by the U.S. Department of Energy challenges collegiate teams all over the nation to design and build solar powered houses. The winner of the decathlon designs the most attractive, energy-efficient, and cost effective solar powered house. The event runs from September 23-October 2 and offers free workshops, exhibits, and other events for visitors. The event’s purpose is to bring awareness to the possibilities of solar energy, as well as to encourage innovation in the renewable energy initiative throughout the US.