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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Review of Solar Calculators

Solar calculators. No, not the handheld device with the solar strip you use to help you pass your algebra tests. … Read More...

Occupy Rooftops and Community Solar Day Promote Solar Energy Across the World

Occupy Rooftops is one of the latest grassroots efforts of solar supporters across the nation. Taking inspiration from the Occupy … Read More...

Social Media and Solar Power – Who you need to follow

  Social media is quickly spreading all over the globe – to places where even the sun doesn’t shine! To … Read More...

China Solar Market in Trouble, Facebook Goes Green with Rooftop Solar Panels

In response to the litigation pursued by the US solar energy market against China for supposed solar panel, “dumping,” China … Read More...

New Solar Products to Get Excited About!

Solar energy is abundant – after all, the sun shines (almost) everywhere! If you’re not a homeowner, or don’t see … Read More...