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New Solar Products to Get Excited About!

Solar power in the city

Solar energy is abundant – after all, the sun shines (almost) everywhere! If you’re not a homeowner, or don’t see a full photovoltaic solar energy system in your future, fear not. There are plenty of solar energy products hitting the market that have us excited!

  1. Solar Powered Streetlights. You may have noticed streetlights with solar panels attached above them. Recently, China has been testing solar powered streetlights that also utilize energy conserving LED bulbs rather than fluorescent lights.
  2. Inflatable Solar Panels. If you can’t afford a solar thermal hot water system, the British company, IDC offers a more affordable inflatable solar panel that projects a return on investment in as little as six months.
  3. Sunflower Solar Powerstation. Tired of your electronics eating up a ton of power? Try the Solar Station from Sunflower that generates enough solar energy to power all your major electronics. The device even includes a CD player and two built-in speakers.
  4. Solar Air Conditioners. Hopefully hitting the mass market soon, these units from Greencore help cool your home by absorbing energy from the sun. One panel of 170-watts can keep a 600 square foot room cool during the summer.
  5. Solar Powered Key chains. These key chains, made by StrapYa (Japan) look great and easily plug into your phone for a quick solar charge.
  6. Solar Mouse. This solar-powered mouse, made by Sole Mio works to save millions of batteries by absorbing energy from the sun. The mouse runs on a combination of natural AND artificial light.
  7. Solar Advertisements. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, VW has recently used advertisements on a “shadow poster” which absorbs solar energy. These ads have proven to be powerful AND effective at increasing the number of VWs consumers have test-driven.
  8. DIY Solar Panels. These solar panels, sold at many California Lowe’s stores boast easy installation and align with the modern consumer’s desire to maintain their own home.
  9. Outdoor Umbrellas. These umbrellas light your patio using solar energy, and also negate the need for cumbersome cords plugged into outdoor outlets. The patio umbrellas also use efficient LED lights.
  10. Changers Starter Kit. Available in mid-November, these small kits allow you to produce your own energy, and monitor how much energy you use and generate. Great for smart phones and/or tablets the Changers Starter Kit may be the go-to holiday gift for 2011.

Ingenuity is everywhere in the solar energy market. These wide-ranging products are a testament to how companies are not only dedicated to promoting renewable energy but also committed to providing competitive and creative products consumers will WANT to purchase!



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