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China Solar Market in Trouble, Facebook Goes Green with Rooftop Solar Panels

In response to the litigation pursued by the US solar energy market against China for supposed solar panel, “dumping,” China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group has pulled the plug on a major solar project. The project would install China-made panels for power generation in Texas, New Jersey, and California. However, if duties are imposed on Chinese solar panels, the project would quickly become to expensive to be viable. Many experts warn that this is an indicator of a dangerous trend. If Chinese solar panels are too expensive to manufacture and install it will affect the European and American solar panel market. In other words, if the Chinese solar market struggles than all competing solar markets would struggle as well. (SolarPros will continue to follow this story)

The Solar Power Finance and Investment Summit 2012 will be held from February 27-March 1, 2012 in San Diego, California. The summit, which had an overwhelmingly positive response in 2011, brings together business leaders, investors, and solar equipment suppliers in order to view and discuss the leading innovations in the solar market, as well as the state of the solar market and current solar litigation.

Facebook is about to get a whole lot greener. One of the social networking platform’s facilities in California will start work on a rooftop solar system that will produce 60kW of electric and thermal power. The system will be installed over a fitness center and will offset as much as 60% of the power used in the fitness center. This isn’t the only clean energy initiative for the company, as a 100kW solar panel system will be installed at their data center in Oregon.