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Social Media and Solar Power – Who you need to follow

Solar Power and Social Media


Social media is quickly spreading all over the globe – to places where even the sun doesn’t shine! To stay up to date on all current solar power news, products, and other happenings here are some solar powerhouses to follow on two of the most popular social networks:



@SolarCity – A leader in solar powered living, this company offers information on solar power news, financing, installation and more.

@SolarNovus – An online publication dedicated to providing real, current solar powered news, Solar Novus Today is a combination of hard-hitting news and solar powered blogging.

@Solar_Decathlon – Read up to the minute news about one of the nation’s most exciting energy-efficient competitions, and enjoy solar power related tweets all year long.

@SolarEnergyNews – Your one stop, Twitter shop for all things solar, Solar Energy News (USA) provides some of the most current and comprehensive news articles about the sun’s energy.

@CleanTechies – Based out of San Francisco, this website and Twitter account posts information and news articles on all forms of renewable energy, including solar power.

@EdGunther – Ed Gunther is a solar power enthusiast/professional and blogs about photovoltaic solar energy systems.

@RenewablesNews – Renewable Energy News is an online magazine that offers information, news, interviews, and more on all types of renewable energy.


American Solar Energy Society – Like this page for information on one of the nation’s largest not for profit agencies dedicated to solar energy.

Solar Oregon – This page offers education and information to encourage residents in Oregon to use solar energy.

Solar Roadways – An idea, and a business, Solar Roadways strives to bring solar energy to our highways and byways.

SmartPower – This Facebook page is dedicated to providing information and encouraging the use of all types of clean (and smart) power.

Solar power information is abundant, and the field of solar energy is constantly evolving, making it necessary to stay up to date on the latest news in clean energy. Follow some of your favorites for up to the minute solar power information on your favorite social networks!