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Occupy Rooftops and Community Solar Day Promote Solar Energy Across the World

Occupy Rooftops is one of the latest grassroots efforts of solar supporters across the nation. Taking inspiration from the Occupy Wallstreet movement happening in cities all over America, solar power supporters are compelling others to occupy a corporate rooftop in their community they’d like to see solar panels installed on. Having held Community Solar Day this past November 20, 2011, the movement hopes to encourage solar power awareness, and its ability to create green jobs as well as independent energy everyone can use. Community Solar Day also hopes to increase the number of corporate buildings that use solar panels.

According to this Meetup for Community Solar Day, the movement (has already) spread to over 100 cities across the world. It seems the desire for solar energy is not isolated to the United States.

Meetup for Community Solar Day

In this video, you’ll see a clip of a speech given at a recent Occupy LA protest. The speaker is depicting the potential of solar power to shift wealth in the US, as well as possibly end poverty. Solar energy has the power to change lives.

Treehugger, a popular environmentalist website and movement, explains the relationship between the Occupy movement and modern environmentalism (including solar energy). As with the economy, healthcare, and other important facets of our modern life, many people feel the energy sector is controlled by a select few driven by profit. Some feel the select few who control how we produce and use energy are not open or willing to consider the benefits of renewable energy because there is not as much profit in rooftop panels as there is fossil fuel.

SolarPros supports the Occupy Rooftop movement, and would like to encourage anyone interested in affordable energy that creates jobs and minimizes our communal carbon footprint to occupy a rooftop near them!