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Solar Power News – Santa Goes Green!

This year, even Santa Claus is going green! Instead of using reindeer to pull his sleigh, the man in red has upgraded his travel system to a sleek, photovoltaic solar powered sleigh. Don’t worry; because Santa Claus travels at night and the North Pole remains mostly in twilight during winter months, he spends the months before Christmas soaking up rays to power his sleigh.

Kris Kringle wants to encourage all consumers to promote solar power this holiday season. To do so, here are some great solar holiday gift ideas:

Solar Gadgets - Great for the earth-conscious gear head in your life!

Solar Power Flashlight – This “hybrid” flashlight provides ten hours of continuous light!

Christmas Light – For the exterior holiday decorator in your life, give these strands of holiday lights that won’t rack up the electrical bill.

Solar Charger – Charge anything that uses a USB cord with this lightweight and compact solar charger.

Solar Clock – This radio provides accurate time/date display without taking up an outlet.

Solar Toys - Batteries not included – or needed!

Solar Science – This inexpensive solar science project features six interesting toy models including a solar car and puppy.

Solar Grasshopper – This is a fun one! This “frightened grasshopper” wiggles and sways with the power of solar energy. A great stocking stuffer!

Solar Robot – We want one! This toy lets children build their own solar powered robot and watch it come to life!

This holiday season, don’t use coal in your stocking or in your home. Instead, promote clean, dependable forms of energy like solar. Try these great solar powered gifts for everyone on your list!