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2011: A solar year in review

It’s been a great year for solar energy, as well as other forms of renewable energy throughout the globe. In case you missed any solar power news, here’s a look at some of the more notable events in solar energy:

  1. Google goes GreenGoogle made a slew of renewable energy investments. The company’s solar energy funding totaled a staggering $880 million dollars including its most recent initiative towards a project that would pump solar energy BACK into the US power grid for residential use.
  2. NASA launches solar powered spacecraft - NASA launched Juno this year, a solar-powered craft that is embarking on a five-year quest around Jupiter. You can follow updates on Juno through the NASA website.
  3. Solyndra goes bankrupt - After over $500 million in financial backing from the US government, Solyndra filed for bankruptcy in 2011. The development was met with much controversy.
  4. Japan reevaluates solar energy - After a devastating host of natural disasters, Japan began to evaluate how it plans to restructure. Namely, the country has begun to abandon reliance on nuclear energy in the hopes of supporting more solar power.

2011 was a great year for solar energy. Though setbacks occurred, overall the industry has grown. The solar industry saw 140 percent growth in 2011’s third quarter. The outlook for 2012 is bright, and we look forward to new developments in the solar energy market.