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World’s Largest Solar-Powered Boat Finishing Voyage

Turanor | World's Largest Solar Powered Boat (Photo via Arabian Gazette)No need to adjust your dial – this isn’t the year 2112. That futuristic spaceship you’re looking at is the Turanor, PlannetSolar’s (and the world’s) largest solar powered boat. The Turanor is currently completing an 18-month, record-breaking voyage around the globe. Traveling along the earth’s equator, PlanetSolar’s innovative and groundbreaking boat has only stopped at ports to spread the word about their journeys – not to fuel up.

Currently on day 485 of their trip around the world, the solar-powered boat is backed up with two diesel engines, but has not had to use them. The crew is maintaining and managing their speed to keep the boat’s lithium battery charged between 30-40% at all times. The voyage is not without its challenges, though. The crew has had to dodge storms, and an impromptu clean up of bird droppings after the mess was blocking the solar panels.

While many still regard solar (and other forms of renewable energy) as far-off pipe dreams, showcases like the voyage of the Turanor are proving that solar power is a viable form of energy today. While PlanetSolar’s solar-powered ship may act as a novelty for many solely interested in its unusual appearance, it is also showing the world that solar power has a place in today’s world.

Follow the Turanor at PlanetSolar.org

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