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DIY Solar

Residential Solar PanelThese days, what isn’t DIY? Most homeowners are seeing the financial and creative benefits to many types of do it yourself projects. From bathroom remodeling to furniture up-cycling, do it yourself projects can save money and ignite a bit of creativity.

Because of the do it yourself trend, many people are considering solar panel system installation as a feasible do it yourself project. While websites and even some solar panel system distributors encourage DIY solar panel installation, this is one project that’s better left to a professional solar panel installation company.

Firstly, the placement of your solar panels must be considered. Solar panels are best placed where they will get the most sunlight exposure, and the least wind exposure. Large tree shade should be avoided and your solar panels should be completely visible from a bird’s eye view.

It’s important that your solar panels are installed on the correct side of your home or business. This is usually facing in a southerly direction if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. Additionally, if you have several solar panels you may want to consider a micro-inverter – something only an experienced solar installer can determine.

Other issues that can arise from a do it yourself solar panel installation include:

  • Not properly securing the solar panels.
  • Damaging the solar panels during installation.
  • Securing your panels in the wrong place on your roof.
  • Damaging property or injuring someone if/when your solar panels come unattached and fly off your roof.

The money you could save installing your own solar panel system may entice you to perform this project yourself. Still, installing your own panels could cost you more in damages than you originally anticipated. Invest in a professional solar panel installation company and make sure the job is done correctly the first time.

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