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Cool Solar Energy Videos

There’s no getting around it – solar energy is cool. From massive solar installations, to solar airplanes, and other renewable energy breakthroughs there is no shortage of interesting solar energy news from around the globe. Check out these recent solar energy videos:

  1. 13-year old challenges solar breakthrough.

Remember Aiden Dwyer, the 13-year old who’s science project winning, “Solar Trees,” gained him fame from scientists across the nation? Well, Aiden is still making headlines as solar energy experts are challenging his findings and deeming them inaccurate. In this video from NewsHub, Dwyer sticks to his guns, and his findings, while also discussing video games and his new found popularity in school.

  1. Time lapse of solar install.

The University of Texas at Austin as recently released this time lapsed video of a 200 kW solar panel installation. The project will reduce the carbon footprint of the campus, but will also transmit usage and performance information for students and researchers at the campus to study. Take a look at this fascinating time lapse.

  1. Italians develop “floating” solar panels.

Now this is cool. Italian scientists are now studying how solar panels may be effective while floating on the sea – a more affordable alternative to traditional rooftop installs. Check out this video on the floating solar panels to see how they’re researching the discovery on a smaller scale.

Solar energy discoveries happen every day. Scientists and researchers are working around the clock to uncover how we can better harness the sun to power our lives, and SolarPros is here to report it.