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Interesting Solar Videos

People everywhere are sharing their solar power products and experiences via social media. From the United Kingdom to right here in the US, we’ve found three of the coolest solar power videos on the web this week. Check out these great finds:

#1 Solar power jet wash

The video may not be great quality, but it still showcases one homeowner’s ingenuity. This solar power user generated a free, off-the-grid way to power wash his solar panels for maximum efficiency! What’s more, he even collects the rainwater coming off his solar panels and reuses it to wash them! Now that’s thinking green.

#2 GOAL ZERO portable solar power kit

I want one! These solar power kits are lightweight, easily transported, and offer a multitude of ways to power your necessary electronics. Plug in your phone, tablet, or computer via a USB port and enjoy fully powered electronics. The kit also comes with a battery charger, and two LED lights. These kits are great for camping, tailgating, and a variety of other outdoor uses.

#3 Bestival 2011 uses dance steps to create power

Creativity and ingenuity at its finest. Pavegen went to Bestival, a popular music festival in the United Kingdom, and set up a power station. This power station isn’t powered by wind or solar energy. Instead, the dance steps of the music lovers enjoying this festival power it. The power system held up so well that Pavegen is hoping to extend the system to power the entire festival.

These videos show that there is no limit to how we can power our lives using clean and efficient forms of energy. Research and creativity can come together to create fun and efficient ways to create power.

  • http://www.solio-blog.com/ Linda

    Interesting video’s, enjoyed watching them!

    • nbranigan

      Thanks so much – we love the Pavegen video. We’ll be posting more soon so stay tuned!