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Best solar ads

Solar energy isn’t a bandwagon passing through, or a fleeting fad. Solar energy is real, sustainable power the entire world can use easily, efficiently, and affordably. Still, sometimes it takes a unique message to relay that to the public in a way they will understand. Some solar advertisements miss the mark by insulting their audience, or assuming they are ignorant about solar energy. On the other hand, some renewable energy advertisements do a brilliant job of quickly getting the point across that solar energy is one of the best options for renewable power.

Take a look at these three solar advertisements.

You may have seen this solar energy billboard going viral across the Internet. Strangely, this billboard is over two years old, and is just going viral now.

Solar energy advertisement

This image grew popular on the widely used website, Reddit, shortly after the BP oil spill fiasco. The headline for the image read:

BREAKING: Large Air Spill at Wind Farm. No threats reported. Some claim to enjoy the breeze.

Wind Energy

Lastly, this commercial from a German solar cell manufacturer and distributor, Solon succinctly explains that we see one of the greatest sources of power we’ve ever known every day without realizing it: the sun.

These advertisements do an effective job of:

  • Capturing attention
  • Informing the viewer
  • Making a lasting impression

Renewable forms of energy are quickly hitting mainstream thanks to wonderful advertisements and messaging campaigns that explain the power of energy to the masses.