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Interested in Solar Energy? There’s an app for that!

Solar Energy PanelsThe US Department of Energy is hosting their first “Apps for Energy” competition. Started on April 5th, the competition is offering $100,000 in cash awards for the best software and mobile applications that aid consumers in saving money and using less energy.

President Barack Obama has made his goal to support renewable energy clear throughout his presidency, and the Apps for Energy competition will support his initiatives. By increasing access to energy and money saving information, consumers will be able to reduce energy consumption and invest in solar energy more readily.

The Obama administration recently offered 15 million households access to their energy use information. In doing so, President Obama hopes to empower people to use the information to decrease their energy usage and find better ways to power their lives.

The US Department of Energy, in conjunction with the Obama administration, seeks to engage the public in new and interesting ways. By offering a mobile or tablet application that can make getting information faster and simpler, consumers will hopefully become empowered to make better decisions about the way they consume energy.

The deadline to submit an app design is May 15, 2012. You can learn more about the Apps for Energy competition here.