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Wal-Mart to Install Solar Panels

Wal-Mart to install solar panelsWhether in jest, anger, or respect, when Wal-Mart does something, people listen. That’s why the social networking world lit up with news that Wal-Mart Stores Inc will be installing solar panels in 27 stores across the state of Massachusetts over the next two years. Once complete, the installations could produce up to 15 percent of each store’s energy usage. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is also claiming this will be the largest solar energy installation in the state.

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This isn’t the first eco-friendly decision Wal-Mart has made. Recently, the company installed smart irrigation controllers in order to reduce water usage by as much at 39 percent. Wal-Mart installed 631 WaterTRAK controllers throughout stores in the US.

Of course, any progressive move the company makes is not without criticism. Wal-Mart has long been under the gun by consumers for pushing independently owned businesses out of business, abusing workers, and breaking labor laws throughout the US. However, the most recent move to promote solar energy throughout Wal-Mart stores is a great step towards making large corporations and businesses more environmentally friendly.