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Top Twitter Solar Feeds

Green trends are becoming more and more popular. As threats of global warming and overall environmental vitality become more and more “real”, many individuals and business have realized the importance of implementing green energies.

Whether you’re interested in green living, residential solar energy, green products, Twitter supplies a great reel of information. Twitter feeds contain some of the latest and greatest news in the industry, allowing you to keep up on what’s going on.

Here is our list of the top 15 solar feeds on Twitter:

@Greenpeace – The organization is all about protecting the environment and keeping peace. They offer is a number of articles about companies and countries that have excelled at implementing solar panels and greener trends.

@TreeHugger – With 180,000 + followers, the organization is focused on green living to the extreme. They have a significant number of tweets that cover everything from solar energy to green living tips.

@REWorld - With more than 21,000 followers, the feed claims to be the number one source for renewable energy news. Their feed includes plentiful links to articles about what’s going on in the world of renewable and sustainable energy.

@350 – This is more of a global movement than a feed. It discusses the climate crisis and how renewable energy can help.

@feedthegrid – Sustainable and renewable energy news can be found on the Feed the Grid Twitter feed. They cover not only solar and wind but also tidal, biofuels, and much more.

@cleantechies – This feed covers a lot about the green world including green building, resource efficiency and even climate control.

@insideclimate – With more than 11,000 followers, Inside Climate News offers non-partistan information and news on clean energies. The organization is a non-profit organization that speaks freely about clean, carbon and nuclear energy as well as environmental science.

@energycollectiv – Energy and climate issues are discussed in detail here, including the political side of these issues.

@GreenEnergyNews – This feed is all about ground-breaking news in the green industry, including companies that are offering green and solar products for consumers.

@earthtechling – Technology at its best is seen throughout the tweets on this feed. This Portland-based website features top green technology news, information about clean energy, and the latest and greatest green gadgets on the market.

@puregreenmag - Pure Green Mag is about embracing green living with style. You’ll learn about ways to decorate your home using the greenest products on the market through their informative tweets.

@sierra_magazine – This feed provides you with lifestyle tips, environmental news and even some organic recipes to enjoy.

@votesolar – This feed by the Vote Solar Initiative is focused on mainstreaming solar energy and providing useful tips to help you get there. This feed has more than 5,000 followers – largely due to its sound advice they provide on solar technologies and sustainable living.

@naturalenergyhq – Solar and wind energy is discussed in great lengths in this Twitter feed. There are a large number of followers and many of them join the discussion and  contribute other articles pertaining to hot green topics and products.

@solarfred – This feed is run by Tor Valenza, owner of UnThink Solar, a boutique communications and marketing agency devoted exclusively to the solar industry. The feed offers not only solar facts and news, but offers tips to market a solar product or service. Tor also writes for @REWorld.

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    how does @solarfeeds not make this list?