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Why Should I Get Solar Power?

Going green is very popular these days. “Doing good” for the environment is becoming a mass appeal. People are beginning to realize that if we don’t continue destructing the environment, there will be a toxic wasteland in future generations.

Though solar power may be increasing in popularity and people are beginning to realize the importance of sustainable living, there are still many unknowns. So, we are here today to answer a few key questions about solar energy:

What is Solar Power, and Why Should I Use It?

There are quite a few good reasons as to why you should look at this alternative power source. Sunlight is free and in abundance in most parts of the world. Although not all areas and climates are suitable for this alternative form of power (think Seattle or Portland), there are lots of places that are ideal for solar energy (Most U.S. states, Europe, Australia, and especially countries that are encircled by the equator).

As conventional fossil fuel stock is becoming more scarce, their cost is beginning to steadily incline and will only get more expensive as time goes on. By investing in solar power now,  after the initial outlay to install the system you can save money on electricity and can also in some cases, where you have a surplus of energy, sell this back to the power companies, so you can even make a profit out of it.

It is true that the initial outlay for a solar power system can be quite expensive; but you have to look at it as an investment. Over time, the system will save you money and as already mentioned, can even earn you money as well. Additionally, governments around the world offer incentives and tax rebates for solar power. These rebates though are being made smaller and smaller as time goes by so now is an opportune time to invest.

Also, the amount of money earned for selling back solar power equipment to the power companies  quite regularly. Once you get into an agreement with your power supplier on the rate you will get, this is usually locked in for a lengthy period of time, sometimes up to 20 years. This means that if they review the rates, you will earn the same amount as per your agreement for the duration of the contract, no matter how much they reduce it by. So if you get a 20 year agreement, take into account the cost of the initial outlay, minus any rebates offered by the government and also the money earned from selling power back to the supplier, ultimately you are going to be in profit over the long term.

[More on rebates and cost of solar panels.]

What About Other Alternative Power Sources?

There are other alternative power sources available, but let’s be honest, not everybody has the space to create a wind farm or the means to install hydroelectric power within their residences.

  • Many view solar energy as the least invasive of the alternative power sources available as there is no need for large amounts of running water or big windmills.
  • Solar power is clean and quiet and once installed, you may not even notice it is there.
  • Solar installation is setting a good example for your community
  • It can increase the value of your property
  • Solar power you will help create and maintain green jobs
  • Solar power systems have a long life span as well, so the need for replace parts every year or so doesn’t even exist

By using solar power in your residence or business, you are playing a role in creating a cleaner and healthier world for us all to live in. There is an initial outlay involved, but over time this will be recuperated and can even earn you money depending on the level you choose to install into your home. Clean, sustainable, and limitless quantities, what more could you ask for? Ask yourself, “Do I really care about the environment we live in, and the future of your family?” If you answer “yes”, then choose a solar power system for your home or workplace.

About the Author: This article was written by Misty Angel on behalf of AVIC Energy Sydney. AVIC Energy is a leading worldwide supplier of solar panels in Sydney and they rank 250th in the Global Top 500 largest corporations in 2012. Misty is a keen blogger on technology and green issues and is always looking for ways to help maintain the planet and reduce his carbon footprint.

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