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Energy Infographic Roundup: Best of the Web

We at SolarPros feel that educating yourself on the world’s energy sources, renewable energy, and the effects various energy sources have on the environment is of the upmost importance. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best energy infographics (graphics that allow you to digest a large amount of information in a quick way) so you can better understand what solar is all about. Ingest the information, enjoy, comment, and share away!

Infographic #1: Feeling the Heat

How much energy is consumed in the world each day, month, and year? And, what are the environmental effects of these energy sources? Get a grasp of carbon’s footprint below:

Feeling the Heat


Infographic #2: Solar Panels vs. Gasoline

Ever wonder how solar energy and natural gas stack up to one another? Compare the two energy sources by cost per watt and cost per gallon through the years…

cost of solar panels vs gas prices infographic

Infographic by Sunrun – home solar, simplified


Infographic #3: The Graph: Future of Solar Power

Created by the German Advisory Council on Global Change, this infographic depicts the future of solar energy – from 2000 through 2100. You’ll notice that at the far left is our current state of energy use, then as the graph goes on the sources change dramatically, as in 2040 a dramatic inversion occurs. The German government predicts by 2060, solar power will be the largest energy share.