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Solar Rebates: Where Are They?

Not only is solar power a sustainable source of energy, but you can reap the benefit of tax discounts as well. The U.S. Department of Energy recently launched a webpage that features the top tax rebates and credits for using sustainable products. This includes savings for solar pool heating, solar space heat, solar thermal electric, and photovoltaic sources. Here are our top picks of solar rebates in America: Power Project … Read More…

Five Myths of Solar Power

Solar power technology has been around for decades now, but adoption is still low per capita. Part of the reason is because of the pervasive myths about solar power. People tend to think that solar technology is out of their budget, that it doesn’t work in cloudy areas, and that it’s impossible to use in winter. They couldn’t be more wrong. Here are five of the worst myths debunked. Myth … Read More…

Tips for finding a solar installer

Beyond finding a good solar power system that will work for your home in your specific climate, it is equally important to find a reputable solar installer. Finding the right installer for your system will get it up and running sooner, giving you return on your investment longer. Remember these tips when finding a solar installer: 1. Your sales team is not a solar installation expert. Your solar sales associate … Read More…

Half of Germany runs on Solar Power

A look at how Germany is proving that solar energy can be a commercial, dependable source of energy. Let’s get right to it: half of Germany ran on solar power this past weekend. HALF. After the tragic tsunami that struck Fukushima in March 2011, the world was consumed with possible radioactive repercussions. Even today, the threat of radioactive cesium exists in the tuna we consume. Germany responded to this fear … Read More…

Wal-Mart to Install Solar Panels

Whether in jest, anger, or respect, when Wal-Mart does something, people listen. That’s why the social networking world lit up with news that Wal-Mart Stores Inc will be installing solar panels in 27 stores across the state of Massachusetts over the next two years. Once complete, the installations could produce up to 15 percent of each store’s energy usage. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is also claiming this will be the largest … Read More…

Solar Powered Food Trucks

Food trucks are all the rage, but have actually been around for decades. Street food has now become mobile, and this foodie phenomenon sure beats drive-thru burgers and other traditional fast food options. The food truck trend is moving towards sustainable, local, and organic food in order to bring affordable, tasty, and healthy food to the masses. Many food truck vendors are taking their sustainable responsibility to the next level by traveling … Read More…

Solar power changing lives in Haiti

Solar energy is changing lives. In Haiti, where a devastating earthquake shook the region two short years ago, electricity is a luxury many do not know. In some cases, the electrical grid does not reach rural areas of Haiti. In other areas of this region, electrical power is unpredictable, and often powers homes and schools for only four short hours a day. NRG Energy recently donated a $1 million commitment … Read More…

Earth Day Round Up – Solar Panel Manufacturing one of the Fastest Growing Industries

This past Sunday, April 22nd marked Earth Day 2012. Earth Day is a global, annual celebration of our earth that raises awareness of new initiatives and technologies that can help diminish our dependence on oil, increase our environmental consciousness, and help reduce waste all over the world. In the spirit of Earth Day, IBISWorld US released their April 2012 report of the fastest growing industries in the US. One of … Read More…

Interested in Solar Energy? There’s an app for that!

The US Department of Energy is hosting their first “Apps for Energy” competition. Started on April 5th, the competition is offering $100,000 in cash awards for the best software and mobile applications that aid consumers in saving money and using less energy. President Barack Obama has made his goal to support renewable energy clear throughout his presidency, and the Apps for Energy competition will support his initiatives. By increasing access … Read More…

Best solar ads

Solar energy isn’t a bandwagon passing through, or a fleeting fad. Solar energy is real, sustainable power the entire world can use easily, efficiently, and affordably. Still, sometimes it takes a unique message to relay that to the public in a way they will understand. Some solar advertisements miss the mark by insulting their audience, or assuming they are ignorant about solar energy. On the other hand, some renewable energy … Read More…