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Solar Power for Expeditions

Solar power can be used to power exciting expeditions. Eric Larsen, a modern-day explorer is one of the only Americans to ski both the North and South pole. Known for polar expeditions, Larsen uses state of the art solar equipment developed by Goal Zero in order to power his journeys. Goal Zero is one of Eric Larsen’s major sponsors. Using a solar pack, Larsen is able to charge his gps, … Read More…

US Solar News

With spring in full bloom and people coming out of hibernation, many home and business owners are considering solar energy with their spring cleaning and home renovations. Here is a look at notable solar power projects throughout the US this week: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Energy for America Program is funding solar energy programs throughout rural areas in the US. In Primm Springs, Tennessee the Weesner family has a … Read More…

Interesting Solar Videos

People everywhere are sharing their solar power products and experiences via social media. From the United Kingdom to right here in the US, we’ve found three of the coolest solar power videos on the web this week. Check out these great finds: #1 Solar power jet wash The video may not be great quality, but it still showcases one homeowner’s ingenuity. This solar power user generated a free, off-the-grid way … Read More…

Solar Industry Grows Amidst Diminishing Government Support

The solar industry continues to grow across the globe, with the American market holding strong. Over the past year, the solar energy market has seen a few hiccups, but overall, the market has held fast with a 12 percent increase in earnings. Here are some quick facts about a recent report released by GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association regarding the optimistic solar industry: In 2011, 1,855 megawatts … Read More…

Solar Flare to affect Earth

The sun is an awesome source of power for the entire solar system. As it creates power and light for all creatures on Earth, it is also a source of incomprehensible heat and danger. Case in point: According to NASA a massive solar flare erupted on the sun on Tuesday evening, and the results could affect everyone on Earth. The solar flare is one of the largest in almost six … Read More…

Top Solar Manufacturers

Everybody is getting on the “green” train these days. From installing household LED lighting, to reducing your carbon footprint through minimizing waste, and even maintaining a “locavore” diet, sustainable living is a lifestyle for people around the globe. Solar power is another ultra-green investment consumers can make. There are several manufacturers out there, but as a newbie to the solar world, where do you start in your search to find … Read More…

Cool Solar Energy Videos

There’s no getting around it – solar energy is cool. From massive solar installations, to solar airplanes, and other renewable energy breakthroughs there is no shortage of interesting solar energy news from around the globe. Check out these recent solar energy videos: 13-year old challenges solar breakthrough. Remember Aiden Dwyer, the 13-year old who’s science project winning, “Solar Trees,” gained him fame from scientists across the nation? Well, Aiden is … Read More…

This Week’s Biggest Solar Projects

Two major companies are taking advantage of solar energy as major projects are being unveiled this week. Take a look at the week’s largest solar power projects: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona just celebrated a whopping 16,000 solar panel installation in their massive airport. Because Phoenix benefits from roughly 310 days of sunshine per year, the Arizona solar project is sure to remain efficient and effective. The solar … Read More…

Why is Solar Energy a Political Issue?

  More affordable energy independent of foreign oil? Where do I sign up? A look at how solar energy is a big political issue. Solar energy seems like a no brainer. By harnessing the power of the sun we can create affordable energy. In doing so, the solar industry can also create thousands of environmentally friendly jobs for Americans. So why does it seem that solar energy is always a … Read More…

DIY Solar

These days, what isn’t DIY? Most homeowners are seeing the financial and creative benefits to many types of do it yourself projects. From bathroom remodeling to furniture up-cycling, do it yourself projects can save money and ignite a bit of creativity. Because of the do it yourself trend, many people are considering solar panel system installation as a feasible do it yourself project. While websites and even some solar panel … Read More…